Large Orders

Thank you for your interest to Ownster Large Orders!

We are very passionate about our service as it is unique in the UK. We also believe that our service is the most flexible custom made travel card holder service currently in the market.

Each wallet is unique, made to order and partially handmade with image, logo or name of your choice. However, if you are interested in the same design wallets with no personalisation we still have a great offer for small groups.

Option 1: Oyster Card Holders, full colour, branded and personalised card holders. Each oyster card holder is unique and printed to order:

25 @ £4.49

50 @ £3.99

100 @ £3.79

200 @ £3.19

Option 2: Oyster Card Holders, full colour, no personalisation (same design, each printed to order):

25 @ £3.99

50 @ £3.49

100 @ £2.99

200 @ £2.49

The above prices are for each travel card wallet and include all printing costs and delivery. The above prices are what you pay (zero VAT). Delivery is included to 1 UK mainland address per order; Delivery time: Varies from 3 to 10 days depending on quantity; Payments: credit or debit card online (PayPal), bank transfer;

All artwork should be supplied using the website or as an EPS, JPEG, BMP or PSD file with type converted to paths/curves as we may not have the correct fonts.

The voucher code with appropriate price and quantity will be sent via email every time you decide to place a new order.

Need any further help? Please don't hesitate to email us at